Our Solutions

DisruptCX Customer Management Platform

Aggregates all customer interactions into one place, enabling seamless customer service.

  • Best of breed customer management technologies
  • Customised to meet your customers’ expectations
  • Using AI and Deep Learning to provide you with Virtual Assistants
  • Allowing voice and text automation for all channels
  • Providing seamless customer experience
  • A Hybrid Cloud that is quick and easy to integrate to your existing technology

DisruptCX Natural Language

Enables automation and customer self-service across all of your channels.

  • One of the only true conversational language solutions
  • Answering your customers' first time every time and automating the voice channel
  • Retaining context and interacting exactly as a human does
  • One integration serves all customer interaction channels
  • Enabling Omni-Channel self-service automation with voice and text
  • Providing huge savings and increases in customer satisfaction scores

DisruptCX Biometrics

Allows automated authentication of callers, making identification frictionless.

  • Secure Virtual Personal Assistants
  • Voice Biometrics driven through conversational language interactions
  • No enrollment required as voiceprints are built passively by listening to customer conversations
  • Voiceprints continuously monitored during voice interactions
  • Combine with TouchID and Facial Recognition
  • Easily supplemented with your additional security and verification requirements